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Healthy Waco Women

Suma Social Marketing worked with Waco-McLennan County Public Health District to develop a campaign educating young women during their preconception stage. Wagging Labs was contracted to develop a complete visual identity, including logo, Wellness brochure, and website. The print and web campaign later expanded after a positive initial reception.

Suma Social Marketing tested three different logo concepts with focus groups and found a unanimous winner in the selected design. Content for the brochure was adapted from a previous piece and redesigned to appeal to modern young women.

The Healthy Waco Women website was awarded the winner of the Digital Excellence Website Award for the 24th Annual Communicator Awards.

Launch Project
Healthy Waco Women Mobile View
HWW Responsive Site Design
Healthy Living Brochure
HWW Responsive Site Design

The website offered a giveaway bag for women to encourage wellness visits with their doctors. Visitors could signup via the website, receive an email with voucher to pickup a wellness bag to pickup when they went in for their appointment.

Posters and postcards were distributed across the city to alert young women to giveaway and drive visitors to the website.

English Spanish Print Campaign

The client was presented with two concepts for the print campaign, but couldn't decide between them as they loved both. The two concepts were printed in both English and Spanish.

English Spanish Print Campaign


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