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Treverity provides software solutions to electric and natural gas distribution utilities, capturing key data from across utility operations in real-time, and solving the most challenging operational and analytical problems.

The startup rapidly grew within a short period without any marketing collateral. Wagging Labs worked with their existing logo to design a complete marketing package including process illustrations, sales sheets, folder, tradeshow graphics and website to launch the company at a technology conference.

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Treverity Mobile
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Treverity desperately needed design help. Our website, collateral, and messaging were all over the place, designed and put together over several years by different people. We desperately needed a redesign - to present a coherent brand and message to the market, and I was lucky to happen upon Janel and Wagging Labs while searching for design help. Janel has helped us step up our design game substantially - she did a complete redesign and rebuild of our website, and created print collateral for a number of product offerings. She was extremely easy to work with - fast, efficient, communicative, and responsive to our needs. Her work has allowed Treverity to go toe-to-toe with some of the largest competitors in our industry - companies with 1000x the marketing budget we have don't look as good. I am looking forward to continuing working with Janel and Wagging Labs as we grow our business.

Craig LawrenceVice President of Products
Process Illustration and Icons
Treverity Sales Sheets
Treverity FolderTreverity Folder

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